Passion in Portland – Romance Author Event Announces
Charity To Be Supported By Author Signing Event

Hello land welcome to  I Love Romance Novels Online. Today my guest is romance author AJ Harmon, host of  the Passion in Portland Author Signing Event in Portland this September.  AJ welcome to the program.

Thank you,  I’m so excited to be here.

We’re glad to have you, Now AJ, I understand that you have a huge announcement to make.

I do! We are extremely excited to announce that we have chosen Bradley Angle to partner with for the Passion in Portland author event this September.

That’s exciting. How did you go about choosing Bradley Angle as the charity to support for Passion in Portland this year?

Bradley Angle is a domestic violence shelter and they’re actually one of the first domestic violence shelters that was organized on the west coast of the United States and several months ago I released a novel called “A Choice for Claire” and it has to do with a young woman who is making a very difficult and dangerous choice to leave an abusive partner so when we started looking for charities that we wanted to support it seemed pretty obvious to me that we wanted to go with a domestic violence organization. And what better one than Bradley Angles that’s been around for forty plus years and does a lot of good in the Portland community.

Excellent, so how do your fellow authors, you have what, 70 authors attending the event? How they feel about that choice of Bradley Angles as your charity?

The response from my fellow authors has been extremely positive. Several of the authors have reached out to me and said how happy they are about this choice because many on them have written about domestic violence in one or more of their books and it’s a really important subject that as writers, you know, we think about and we do include in our novels and so it’s exciting that lots of these fellow female authors have written about that and are just totally on board with supporting a local domestic violence shelter like Bradley Angle and being able to just do our little, little bit to help support them and the good work they do  in their community.

Excellent, so AJ can you tell us a little about how the authors at Passion in Portland will be raising money for Bradley Angle?

Yeah! We are going to be holding a raffle the day of the event. The big grand prize which any reader or author or anybody would actually love to win, the prize is a basket filled with signed paperbacks from each of the authors that will be attending Passion in Portland this September. So that’s gonna be over 60 paperbacks that will be going home with one very lucky attendee. We also will be giving away a Kindle with a signed cover from all of the authors and Amazon gift card so that they can go home and start filling that Kindle with favorite books written by their favorite authors from Passion in Portland. Now we will have some other prizes as well that will be donated by local organizations and local stores that will be fun. So if you don’t happen to be the lucky grand prize or first prize there are still gonna be lots of fun stuff that our attendees can go home with and so the proceeds that will be coming in from that raffle will be going to Bradley Angle in the form of a check. And so we are excited to present them with the money that the wonderful people of Portland and the surrounding areas will be supporting when they buy tickets for the raffle.

Great! So let’s say that there’s a romance author …excuse me, a romance reader enjoying this video and they would like to attend Passion in Portland, how they go about getting their tickets?

Well that’s a great question cuz we want you to have your ticket in order to get in. You can go to Passion in Portland dot com and there will be a tab that says tickets and that will take you to our Eventbrite page where you can register for free tickets that will get you into the signing or you can get a paid ticket, there’s two different levels that you can get and come in and have some wonderful perks with your paid entrance, like maybe singing karaoke with your favor author at the dinner event that evening and so you want to get those tickets quickly before they all sell out.

The reason you’re offering tickets is just so that you can try to control the number people in the room, correct?

For the Free tickets, absolutely. You know we want to be able to make sure that each reader gets time with their favorite authors. So, we don’t wanna have a mad dash of 500 people running to three tables and have kind of a wait situation. We want to be able to make sure that everybody gets their opportunity with the authors and with the paid tickets you actually get an early admission into the signing to be sure that you’ll be able to spend quality time with each of the authors that you’ve come to see.

Excellent. Thank you very much for joining us on the program. Any final thoughts?

Just I’m excited for Passion in Portland, we’re just three months away and I hope to see a whole bunch of very excited readers there, who’ve come to connect with their favorite romance authors.

Thank you for joining us today. If you’d like to join romance author AJ Harmon and her friends at Passion in Portland on September 12, 2015, please visit: