VIP and Author Stalker Tickets Available for
Passion in Portland – Author Signing Event

Hello and welcome to I Love Romance Novels Online. Today my guest is romance author AJ Harmon. AJ welcome to the broadcast.

Thank you.

We’re glad that you could join us today. Today, I’d like to talk to you a little bit about the Passion in Portland Event that you’re hosting in September of 2015. Can you tell us a little bit about what the Passion in Portland Author Event is?

Yeah, you know, I have been traveling all over the United States going to different signings and most of them are in the Midwest or back east and so I was looking for an event on the west coast and there are a few events. Some really great ones, but there wasn’t anything in Oregon and so I decided, “Hey why not?” I talked to my husband and said “You know, let’s do something in Oregon.” So, I began the process to booking a hotel and stuff and then Heather of Carver’s Book Cravings, a blog that is located here in Oregon, we got together and  just have been having a great time organizing the Passion in Portland Author Event for this September. We have nearly seventy amazing romance authors coming into Portland at that Crowne Plaza downtown hotel on September 12th for you know what’s going to be an amazing signing. Portland has not seen any kind of romance author event quite like this. So it’s gonna be, it’s gonna be awesome.

Now that’s great, it does sound like a big deal – around 70 authors. That’s quite a few names. Now you’ve got authors from the northwest and authors from across the country coming to this event.

We do. You know there were so many authors that reached out to me and just said you know I’m so excited that there’s an event that’s gonna be in my own backyard basically. We have some amazing New York Times bestsellers that are right here in Oregon. For example, we have Melody Anne who is one of, oh my goodness, she’s one of my heroes… one of my idols and she’s going to be at the event. We have the amazing Cassia Leo who just moved to Oregon and she is going to be at our event which is super exciting. We also have people like T.K. Leigh, an amazing author coming, she lives on the west coast as well, and then we have people, they’re coming from Idaho. Rachel Van Dyken, who again one of my idols and a great writer and a great, great lady, she’s coming. We have Leigh Ann Lunsford coming from all the way from Florida, and so I mean it’s just great and super exciting event to have these amazing writers, these amazing women coming from all over the United States to Portland to celebrate the readers here who love romance novels.

So if you’re a romance reader you definitely want to attend the Passion in Portland Event this September. Can you tell us a little bit about how you would get a hold of some tickets?

Passion In Portland - Author Signing Event

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Yeah, you certainly want to be there if you like to read romance because we have all genres of romance; there’s contemporary, historical, there’s erotica, there’s paranormal. I mean there’s just gonna be every genre of romance there. So what you wanna do you is if you want to get a ticket to this event, you need to go to Passion in Portland dot com and click on that ticket tab that will take you to our Eventbrite page where you can register for the event, either a free ticket or one of our VIP paid tickets which are gonna get you a whole bunch perks that you do not want to miss out on.

So you have it so that people can attend the event for free if they’d like to, so why do you have tickets if it’s going to be free?

Well what we want to do is we want to be able to first of all I keep track of how many attendees we have coming and also be able to spread them out over the course of the event so that we don’t have any authors that are just completely bombarded with readers you know so that they are overwhelmed and the people standing in line are overwhelmed. We want everybody to be able to spend time with their favorites and so we wanted just kinda make sure that we can get people entered and into the ballroom so that they’re is order and you know so everybody can have a good time.

Excellent, so you’re obviously expecting a huge crowd at the Passion in Portland Event. Now it looks like we have a couple other options for tickets.  It looks like we have the Eventbrite page now up on the screen for the viewers to see and looks like you have a VIP event package can you tell us a little bit about what the VIP event package includes?

So if you want to do the VIP event ticket, first of all you’re gonna get into the event just a little bit earlier than the open free registration people are going to get in. So you’re gonna have a few minutes with a smaller crowd in with your authors, you’re also going to get a swag bag and what that’s going to include is obviously a Passion in Portland Bag. Lots of readers like to have their favor author sign the bag so that they can go home with a real cool memento and treasure that they get to keep and its gonna have some Passion in Portland Swag inside the bag. Things like bookmarks, a key-chain, a pen all with the Passion in Portland logo and stuff on it. There’s gonna be a couple of surprises in there too for each our attendees and an important part that comes with the VIP Ticket is three raffle tickets for the raffle, so just in itself those three raffle tickets are worth fifteen dollars. So, you know it’s a huge deal to get that swag bag included in your event.

Now this raffle that you’re doing you’re doing that to raise money for a charity?

Yes, we are.  We are raising money for Bradley Angle which is a domestic violence shelter here in Portland and so the proceeds from the raffle will go to them.

Excellent and what do you have for first prize in the raffle?

Well, first prize or the grand prize in the raffle is a basket full of paperbacks and the paperbacks are coming from the authors who are attending our event. Each is going to be donating a signed book that will go into this basket so the winner of the grand prize is going to be going home with nearly seventy signed paperbacks, which it’s a huge, huge, huge prize! I would love to win it.

That’s exciting. Alright so looking at your Eventbrite page, it looks like you have a ticket called an Author Stalker Dinner ticket. Tell us a little bit about what that is and what’s included in that package.

Well the Author Stalker Dinner ticket is basically the cream of the event and so what you get to do when you purchase that ticket is first of all you’re gonna get the same VIP bag, the swag bag with all of the swag that comes in it. You’re going to get three raffle tickets that again, are worth fifteen dollars that you’re gonna get that included in your bag. You’re gonna get absolute first entry into the signing event before anybody else, before the VIP ticket holders, before general admission, you get to go in and spend some real quality time with your favorite authors, get first crack at the books that you want to purchase, that by the time they’re sold out you’ve got your stash already in your Passion in Portland Swag bag. But most importantly you’ll get entrance into the after signing party and dinner and that is a three course meal that you’re gonna get to be having dinner with your favorite authors. It’s not going to be assigned seating so if you’re really wanting to stalk someone this is that great way to do it, because you might just sit at the same table as your favorite author atthat after dinner event. Of course there’s dinner. It’s gonna be an amazing dinner catered by the hotel. We are also going to have some music, a cash bar and some karaoke so if you always wanted to sing, you know, Up Where We Belong with your favorite author, then this is the event you want to be at because after we get a few drinks in some of those authors they’re gonna want to be singing karaoke with you.

That sounds like a lot of fun, so if you want to have the most excitement out of the event you should get your hands on the Author Stalker Dinner ticket.

Yes, or the VIP package so that you can spend some quality time with your authors without everybody else from general admission.

Of course everyone is welcome to attend and if you just don’t have the budget for the other two they can come in on the general admission tickets, correct?

Absolutely! We don’t want to exclude anybody and if you want to save you are ten dollars or fifteen dollars so that you can buy that book that you’ve been dying to have, by that author that you absolutely admire then you can do that, but you have some extra money, you know there’s a little bit of time to save some those pennies up. Hopefully all the tickets won’t be gone in the next 30 days, hopefully you’ll be able to get in there, but if you can afford to grab that Author Stalker or VIP ticket it’s gonna be well worth the money because you’re gonna have a ball.

Thank you very much for sharing that with us. Any last thoughts about Passion in Portland before we sign off?

I’m just super excited that we have these amazing women who are…  who are willing and excited to come to Portland and share their books with everybody and I really hope that the people of Portland or people of Oregon and Washington come out and support their favor authors. Again if you love romance this is the place you want to be on September twelfth at the Crowne Plaza downtown hotel.

AJ, thank you very much for joining us on the broadcast today. If you’d like to join in Romance Author AJ Harmon and some of her best author friends, and USA today and New York Times bestselling authors, please grab your tickets now at the website so that you can attend with seventy  awesome authors from across the United States